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Hostel La Tosca in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Whale season: june to december

Avistaje de ballenas a partir del 11 de junio

On board you can appreciate the hugeness of these ancestral species and also wonder at the startling jumps close to the boat. These animals are docile and curious and they will approach you showing their huge bodies through transparent waters. You will admire them from the head, with its incredible callosities that personalize them, to their charming tail. (15 endless meters).They are seen alone or in groups of two or three. Males trying to mate or a female with its calf often active and playful.


El Doradillo, a home for the whales

We can see them from the shores of El Doradillo (19 km from Pto. Madryn) beaches and even better from Playa Cantera ( 20 km ) due to the characteristics of this place you can enjoy a unique and free show. (two hours before high tide is recommended). 


Snorkelling with sea lions


A unique interaction, an unforgettable experience as it is a unique alternative due to the nature of the contact, which occurs in the place where these wonderful animals show us the most dynamic and skill.

"At times they make you feel, you convey that you're one of them and they want to play with you" said Enrico from Italy.


Elephant seals

Elefantes Marinos

Punta Ninfas, abysmal sea cliffs and 30 elephants greeting "for the picture" on an adventure to remember. A walk along secluded beaches via a special place because of its geography and the incidence of breezes and the Patagonian winds on either side of this huge wall.

In the southeast of the Valdes Peninsula Shire, almost into the Atlantic Ocean is the largest elephant seal colony during this time of year.


News in la Tosca

New breakfast for celiacs:

celiacosOnce again logo2 innovates in the daily goal of being closer to our guest. Our product 2012 is an alternative for the breakfast, which has fruit, yogurt, and cereal to eat with the coffee, tea or mate.

New kitchen and dining area, which makes not one but two kitchens at your disposition, adding more comfort to your cooking hours.

New and exclusive check out toilet and shower. Also with upgrade details we decided to respond to our guests requests on their departing days from Puerto Madryn. A fully equipped bathroom to make the most of your last day in town and continue your travel renovated.


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